Deep Sky Dad AF3S dovetail kit for WO RedCat 71.

From 225,00

Hand controller
Temperature sensor
Dew shield locking ring
Side mounted guide scope shoe

In stock (can be backordered)

The brand new William Optics RedCat 71 telescope is a medium focal length refractor with 350mm of focal length. Helical focuser might seem intimidating at first sight, but it actually prevents sagging and inconsistent tilting of standard rack and pinion focusers. Inspired by our original WO RedCat 51mm kit concept with 3D printed ring and belt drive, it comes with a built in geared ring for belt driven autofocuser. Our autofocuser will save you time and frustration by providing pinpoint stars on your beautiful photos of the cosmos.

With 2 aluminium extensions blocks, we raised the telescope just high enough to snugly fit the motor between the telescope and the dovetail. Motor bracket is fully aluminium and anodized in black to match the rings of the RedCat. This results in a balanced, compact solution, leaving ring and dovetail shoe available to other accessories, DC HUB mount, USB HUB mount etc. Additionally, this kit is compact enough to be used with stock RedCat bag, so you do not have to disasemble the kit for transport.

In the box

  • 1x AF3s unit
  • 1x aluminium mounting plate
  • 2x aluminium raise cube
  • 1x 16T 2GT pulley
  • 1x 2GT timing belt
  • 4x 8mm M3 bolt
  • 2x 16mm M6 bolt (for mounting plate)
  • 2x 45mm M6 bolt (for extension block)
  • 2x 8mm M3 countersunk bolt (for adapter assembly)
  • OPTION: temperature sensor
  • OPTION: manual hand controller











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