Are you looking to set up an All Sky camera to monitor cloud cover and automatically record nighttime observations (meteors, Northern lights, Milky Way) but struggling to create a simple yet effective enclosure? Look no further! We offer a comprehensive solution with our heated acrylic dome and power distribution system, designed to accommodate the mini PC of your choice.

Our kit includes:

  • Main enclosure with O-ring seals and dome lid
  • Acrylic dome with protective film (to be removed during assembly)
  • Built-in heater with a 30mm hole for the camera lens and a circuit for smart control
  • DC hub power splitter circuit
  • DC cable to connect the heater to the power splitter
  • Silica gel
  • Circuit tray with mounting bolts (default for Raspberry Pi 3/4, but contact us for other options)
  • Customizable camera mounting plate (adjustable to the diameter of your lens up to 30mm)

Our kit does NOT include Raspberry Pi or camera/camera lens. If you wish us to provide a preconfigured Raspberry Pi, please contact us via email info@deepskydad.com



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