ZWO EAF mounting kit for WO RedCat.


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William Optics RedCat V2 is an alternative to the widefield lens shooting with 250mm of focal length. With the helical focuser, focusing can be quite time consuming process even with the Bahtinov mask (especially with narrowband filters).

For ASIAIR adopters we have prepared a special kit, which offers following benefits:

  1. lightweight and compact
  2. no tools required for attaching to OTA (hand controlled bolts)
  3. low center of mass means less stress on telescope mount
  4. front mounting balances well with weight of the camera at the back
  5. ring mounting spot is free to use for guide scope or any other accessories
  6. it serves as dewshield locking ring (since RedCat v2 dewshield rotates freely when unlocked)
  7. tensioner for EAF belt to achieve optimal belt tightness (backlash free belt driven system is well tested solution on RedCat 51 and is even built into RedCat 71)
  8. adjustable ASIAIR mount (compatible with ASIAIR PRO, ASIAIR PLUS…)
  9. adjustable MXL ring (no problems with redcat rubber band tolerances)

In the box

  • 1x 3D printed kit with EAF and ASIAIR mount
  • 1x 3D 16T MXL pulley
  • 1x 3D printed helical focuser MXL ring
  • 1x MXL timing belt
  • hand tightening bolts
  • belt tensioner



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