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First ASIAIR supported flap panel in the world!

Introducing the new Deep Sky Dad FP1 Flap Panel Control Cable, an accessory designed to seamlessly integrate with the ZWO ASIAIR for effortless control of your Deep Sky Dad FP1 flap panel directly from the ZWO ASIAIR app.

  • Plug-and-Play Connectivity: The cable is equipped with user-friendly connectors, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Simply plug one end into the ZWO ASIAIR DC port and the other into the Deep Sky Dad FP1 flap panel, and you’re ready to go.
  • Seamless Integration: The cable is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with both the ZWO ASIAIR and Deep Sky Dad FP1 flap panel, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance. Experience a cohesive and efficient astrophotography workflow.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the cable is built to withstand the rigors of astrophotography sessions. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliable performance in various environmental conditions.
    Optimized Cable Length: The cable’s length is optimized for practical use, providing flexibility without unnecessary slack. This thoughtful design prevents cable clutter and minimizes the risk of accidental disconnection during your astrophotography sessions.
  • Enhanced Astrophotography Workflow: With the Deep Sky Dad FP1 Flap Panel Control Cable, astrophotographers can now automate and enhance their workflow, making it easier to capture flat frames Spend less time managing equipment and more time exploring the wonders of the universe.

Upgrade your astrophotography setup with the Deep Sky Dad FP1 Flap Panel Control Cable, and experience the convenience of direct control from your ASIAIR.

IMPORTANT: compatible only with ASIAIR PRO and ASIAIR PLUS

In the box

  • 1x cable

1 review for ASIAIR cable for Deep Sky Dad FP1

  1. Martin Heitkämper (verified owner)

    I received my cable today, put it on as described in the Youtube videos, had my FP1 updated ahead, and it works very well. It’s now so much easier to get flats or even just close or open the panel during a night, using asiair. Thanks for this innovation, I really appreciate it!

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