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Compression bracket attached to raise block with guide scope shoe. You can use it to mount ASIAIR, guide scope, etc.

In the box

  • mounting plate with M6 nut
  • 2x M4 bolt
  • 1x M6 bolt

2 reviews for WO RedCat 71 raise block side mounting guide scope shoe

  1. Kris (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, the product is not of the best quality and not made precisely enough. The handle does not fit without a fine grinding, and the nuts are not seated to hit them easily. After assembly, without using excessive force, one arm of the holder broke after a few minutes. The whole thing has become useless.

    • deepskydad

      Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the problems. We will improve the mounting system and of course offer you free replacement.

  2. Kris (verified owner)

    New mount just arrived and problem solved. Best service ever! Thank you.

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