ZWO EAF mounting kit for Askar FMA135 lens.

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The ASKAR FMA135 is a premium optical instrument that features a 30mm ED triplet objective to deliver superb image quality for astronomical and terrestrial imaging. It also works as a finder/small telescope/guide scope.

Focusing can be quite time consuming process even with the Bahtinov mask (especially with narrowband filters). Additionally, focus can shift with temperature change during the night. We have solved this for you with our special rods mounted autofocuser kit, which can compensate for the front movement of the lens during focusing.

The autofocusing motor rests on the special trolley, connected to the rails. This keeps autofocuser pulley in line with lens focusing ring and enables a balanced, compact solution.

In the box

  • 1x ZWO EAF mount (trolley, OTA bracket, EAF bracket, spacers)
  • 1x 16T MXL pulley
  • 1x 3D printed helical focuser compression MXL ring
  • 1x MXL timing belt
  • 1x 16mm M3 bolts for attaching the compression ring
  • 2x 16mm M3 bolt (for 3D printed helical focuser compression ring)
  • 2x 50mm rods for attaching trolley to the main bracket
  • 4x 8mm countersunk M3 bolts (for attaching ZWO EAF bracket to the trolley)
  • 1x 8mm M3 countersunk bolt (for attaching trolley rods lid)
  • 2x 30mm M3 bolt (for attaching MXL ring arm)
  • 2x 8mm M4 bolt with washer (for attaching EAF)


1 review for Askar FMA135 ZWO EAF kit

  1. Amri Karim (verified owner)

    Perfect! Very happy customer. Before this have to wait for the vibration to settle each time twisting the focus by hand. Now V-curve autofocus, all the time!

    • deepskydad

      We are very happy you are satisfied with the product! Clear skies!

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