ZWO EAF mounting kit for WO RedCat.

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Hand controller
Temperature sensor

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Askar ACL200 lens is specifically designed for astrophotography. It comes with Vixen style dovetail and helical focuser. Focusing can be quite time consuming process even with the Bahtinov mask (especially with narrowband filters). Additionally, focus can shift with temperature change during the night. We have solved this for you with our dovetail kit mount. It works on the same principle as our hit product – WO RedCat autofocuser!

With the aluminium extension block, we raised the ACL200 just high enough, to snugly fit the AF3 motor between the lens and the dovetail. This results in a balanced, compact solution.

If you are an ASIAIR adopter, check out our dovetail kit mounting solution for the ZWO EAF autofocuser.

In the box

Askar 200mm AF3s dovetail kit

  • 1x AF3s unit
  • 1x 3D printed mounting plate
  • 1x 3D printed 16T MXL pulley
  • 1x 3D printed helical focuser MXL ring
  • 1x MXL timing belt
  • 8x 6mm M3 bolt (for mounting the motor to the plate/L bracket)
  • 2x 10mm M3 bolt (for ring)
  • 2x 16mm M6 bolt (for attaching mounting plate to the dovetail)
  • 1x 60mm M5 bolt (for attaching dovetail and extension block)
  • 1x ALU extension block
  • 1x 60mm M5 bolt (for attaching dovetail and extension block)
  • 1x ALU extension block
  • OPTION: temperature sensor
  • OPTION: manual hand controller












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