Automated, dimmable flap panel for your refractor telescope!

From 250,00

Built in heater

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Making flats can be quite cumbersome, especially if you stride towards automation and simplification of the process. Our flap panel makes making flat frames with your refractor telescopes part of automated routine, without hacks like LCD screens, sky with T-shirt etc.

While you image, flap panel is neatly tucked away next to the refractor tube. When you finish imaging, you simply close it up and turn on (dimmable) LED light. You can adjust the brightness according to your camera responsiveness/gain settings and different filters.

But that is not all! For those with high humidity conditions, we are also offering an optional accessory – built in heater, which keeps dew at bay. So you do not need an extra heating strip!

  • ASCOM supported
  • INDI supported
  • LED brightness control
  • 270 degree range of motion
  • built in heater (optional)
  • lightweight (300g)
  • power adapter NOT included


In the box

Software / Documents

FP1 INDI driver




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